The Resource [De aegritudinibus particularibus ; De curis febrium]

[De aegritudinibus particularibus ; De curis febrium]

[De aegritudinibus particularibus ; De curis febrium]
[De aegritudinibus particularibus ; De curis febrium]
Title variation
De curis febrium
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  • VII, p. 997 (IB. 31334)
  • C-505
  • C-803
  • 7291
  • 299.1
Citation source
  • BM 15th cent.
  • BSB-Ink.
  • Goff
  • GW
  • Klebs
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Literary form
non fiction
[De aegritudinibus particularibus ; De curis febrium]
[De aegritudinibus particularibus ; De curis febrium]
  • Title supplied from GW
  • Text of De curis febrium published from a manuscript copied by Lazarus Datarus.--Cf. leaf h8
  • Caption title on leaf a2 reads: ... incipit su[m]mula de curis febriu[m] [secundum] hodiernu[m] modu[m] [et] usum co[m]pillata [per] Ioanne[m] concoregium medicine i[n]terprete[m] uerissima[m] ex ciuitate M[edio]l[an]i oriundu[m] in felici studio papie[n]si cure[n]te anno d[omi]ni. 1437
  • Imprint from Goff
  • Two colophons: Colophon (on leaf P10) reads: Et i[n] hoc terminatur prima pars husi[us] opusculi de egritudinibus p[ar]ticularibus omnibus a capite usq[ue] ad pedes [secundum] doctorem Illustre[m] ac comitem dignissimu[m] d. Magistrum Ioannem de concoregio mediolanensem artium et medicine principem [et] monarcham in felici studio papiensi. M. cccc. xxli. finitum fuit hoc opus p[er] me Ioa[n]nem de romagnano hora. xxij. die sexto mensis ap[ri]lis. Magister antonius de carchano imprimi curauit papie 1485. Colophon (on leaf h8) reads: Finis adest deo duce huic su[m]mule de curis febriu[m] 2m clarissimum philosophum [et] medicum Io. concoregium quam extractam ab originali concesso a prestano. artium [et] medicine doctore Magistro Lazaro dataro placentino theorica[m] medicine papie legente. Magister Antonius de carcano i[m]p[ri]mi curauit papie. 1485
  • Signatures: A-O€ Pl° a-f€ gl° h€ (A1 and a1 blank)
  • Chancery folio and Royal quarto, 48 lines; area of text: 188 x 120 mm. With initial spaces, some with guide-letters; without foliation and catchwords. Each volume has its own register
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27 cm. (fol. and 4to).
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[121], [65] (first leaf of each blank)
  • Not rubricated.
  • The first leaf (blank) contains extensive ms. annotations, in at least two different hands. At the top is the early ms. ownership inscription: "Ex libris Gulelmj ab Innoce[n]tijs Chirurgi Tolasatis, 1572 1. Junij". This is followed, in a different ink, by the title, "Flos florum medicinae" and the author's name, dated 1585. In a darker ink in French, is the statement by "D. Gohier" that he received this book from a Mons. de la Cresse in Montaubau in 1640. Additionally, Gohier discusses his six-month stay in Montpellier and his encounter there with a text entitled "Flos florum". In lighter ink at the bottom of the leaf is written "a montpellier, 1641". On an inserted leaf at the end, is another ms. inscription: "G. Innocentius, Chirurgius tholosanus, 1573".
  • With early ms. annotations in Latin in light brown ink throughout. Annotation on leaf H6 is dated 29 June 1573. Small initials also supplied in light brown ink.
  • Acquired by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia from Voynich, prior to 5 Dec. 1922. Typescript bibliographical description, probably written by W.M. Voynich, glued to front flyleaf.
  • Bound in full blind-tooled reddish-brown Levant goatskin, with gold-stamping on the spine.
  • Leaf size: 254 x 190 mm. With a few marginal dampstains and a large wormhole in the outer margin of the last few leaves.
  • Photostat available.
System control number
  • (Sirsi) 100760
  • 100814
  • (OCoLC)ocm19591996

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